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Health Care For The Universe Of You
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Elizabeth H.

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Nominated By: Andrew H.

Why is Elizabeth the Center of Your Universe?

If there were a single word to describe my wife, Liz, it would be selfless. Recently married in April, 2018, it has only been a few short years that my world has revolved around her. However, in that short time, I have never met someone who personifies this word more than her. Unceasingly she has given up her time, dreams, and desires for the betterment of our family, never hesitating to put her needs last. Each day she reminds me what it is to love your neighbor as she cares for other's children as a full time job.

Since day one, Liz has forced me to be the best version of my self. Not in the literal sense, but in a way that has made me desire to be better, for her. Like everything else in this world, I do not deserve her, but I thank God everyday that she is mine to love. As our universe continues to grow over the next few years, I have no doubt that she will remain firmly planted at the center. This past June we welcomed our first child, Joseph, and I have been amazed at how innate her ability to care for others truly is. I have no doubt the he and our future children will learn to love and rely on her as I have. Without her, I would have nothing, and with her, I have everything.

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