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Nominated By: Pete M.

Why is Lindsay the Center of Your Universe?

Scientists say there is no center of a universe.
A universe starts and then just kind of constantly expands. It doesn’t expand from one specific point but rather it expands equally from all areas, at all times.
A universe is being stretched thinner and thinner, constantly being pulled in all directions by internal and external forces.
But a universe never breaks. It doesn’t have an end. It never fails, stumbles, or stops. It’s steadfast in its consistent approach.
A universe absorbs whatever comes its way, big or small, and internalizes it – expelling anything that’s unnecessary or trying to slow it down.
It creates things. Things that are beautiful, daring, nurturing and resilient all at the same time.
A universe can create life.
It takes the pure chaos of the cosmos and gives it an order.
Maybe most incredibly, a universe if the same everywhere. It’s equal amongst all circumstances.
It’s hard to nominate my wife Lindsay as the center of our universe – which she is and will always be – when she is so clearly our whole universe.
She’s not something we orbit around, are centered by, or tethered to. She’s not an anchor holding our family in place.
She’s what’s making sure our family grows. Making sure our family experiences. Making sure our family persists and thrives.
Maybe most importantly, she’s the one making sure we’re expanding in all directions, at all times.

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