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Blake S.

Richmond, VA


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Nominated By: Brent S.

Why is Blake the Center of Your Universe?

Strong, gracious, compassionate and loving are all words that describe my wife, Blake Stammen. Recently, we became first time parents with the birth of our son, Isaiah James. I have never seen anyone embrace a new role more perfectly than her. She even left a job she loved to become a stay-at-home mom and care for our son. Nothing as brought me more joy than to see her interact so joyfully with our son and take care of his every need.

Blake is a rock for our family. Each and everyday she pours her heart into taking care of our family whether it's cleaning the house, doing laundry, changing a diaper or playing with our son. Most of the time she does it all with little sleep but you will never hear her complain that the workload is too much. She gives us grace, strength and endless love day in and day out and I am so lucky to call her a wife and mother. I will be forever grateful that we get to do life together!

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