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Paula T.

Virginia Beach, VA


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Nominated By: Anna-Marie S.

Why is Paula the Center of Your Universe?

I am honored to nominate my beautiful 82 year old mom. She was born and raised in Pescara, Italy. My father had traveled to Italy on holiday and at the urging of his mom, went to meet some distant cousins-yes, my parents were “technically”related-and my parents immediately began a relationship. Once married, she moved with him to the United States and remained by his side, being his caregiver the last 10 years of his life. All through our childhood, it was very important for the both of them to make sure we knew how important our heritage was. We spent almost every entire summer in Italy, leaving right after the end of school year and returning a week before school started. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma several years ago. At her age, we were all so worried about the outcome. But she was determined to beat this-she had plans. She insisted that she was going to be at my daughters High School graduation. And she got her way, as usual! She beat this horrendous disease like a champ, went into remission and is completely cancer free. This woman would insist on bringing home made Italian dinners and desserts to her Oncologist and his team during grueling chemo treatments because they took such good care of her!! Who does that? My mom is a tiny, fiesty, twin-set wearing powerhouse who loves selflessly and who I try to make proud every single day!

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