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Kevin F.

Suffolk, VA


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Nominated By: Tracie F.

Why is Kevin the Center of Your Universe?

Kevin is my husband and one of the strongest, most loving, passionate man I have ever met. We've been married for 22 years, together for 27 years. We met in college and never looked back. If I described us 20 years ago I would have said I was the assertive one and he was the light hearted one. Not long into our relationship I became sick. It began with one autoimmune disease and an exploratory surgery. To date I have a long list of diagnoses and have had 19 surgeries with number 20 pending. He has never once wavered and did everything he could to make me and our two children feel loved and important. He learned to cook, took over mom duties when needed and he loves our children with all his soul. As my "normal" life has changed to include multiple doctor's and difficult treatments, my loving husband has not once made me feel less or judged me when I have had to be bedridden most days. He goes to work, he grocery shops, cooks, does laundry and anything else that needs to be done. He tells me all the time that I am the same woman he fell in love with and that he meant every word of our vows. Today he drove me to my treatment in Richmond, VA as he does every six weeks. We leave around 8am and usually get home between 6&7pm. Tonight we got home, he made sure I was settled, left to check on his father who just had open heart surgery, came home fixed dinner and then went out to do storm preparations, which included digging out the ditch in front of our house. He came in at midnight just now as I'm typing this and will leave at 7am for work. If I could have designed the perfect man it would still and always will be my amazing husband, John "Kevin" Felgentreu.

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