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Nominated By: Angela B.

Why is Dr. the Center of Your Universe?

I am nominating the whole nursing staff and with Dr. Didali, Dr. Yostos, Dr. Varmer. Dr. Didali was the initial doctor who finally caught the reason I kept getting sick for two yrs and would not let me leave u till they found the direct root cause and I was better and they rest of the team were just as determined, caring and loving. So it can't just be one . It was all three shifts. Please think on this a d they knew I did not have medical ins from just loosing my job a week and a half earlier at capital one. Nechelle, one of my nurses I have to say through the worst got my through the panic attacks while not being able to breath, focus, didn't leave my side until I was calmed and I'm sure she has her home struggles but her heart was always fully out there for her patients. They all deserve to be nominated together.

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