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Health Care For The Universe Of You
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Mike M.

Virginia beach , VA


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Nominated By: Tammy C.

Why is Mike the Center of Your Universe?

I met Mike in 2007 when we lived in north Carolina..I fell n love with him on our first date. We had an off n on relationship for several years. In 2011 he moved back to Virginia beach. We would have spells on talking n seeing each other on his trips to c family. It seemed like we had went our separate ways. Then in 2016 I got deathly sick. Even though we had been talking I didnt want him to know how close to death I was. Finally when I thought I was well I decided to call him..he wanted to know where I had been for 3 hospital but I was almost ready 2 come home. He came to NC n took me on a trip the week I got out. Only to find out my hip was fractured from the infection i had..osteomyelitis. I went back n the hospital for next 3 months..he was coming to pick me up on Friday..I fell n shattered my ankle broke my leg n foot the Monday before. During the next 3 months he talked to me everyday for hours. Came to c me n middle of the night ..took me places when I was able..driving 350 miles. Constantly keeping my hopes up. Finally!!! I got better n made my first trip to Virginia beach. After a few trips I got the courage to move here. My life is so awesome n wonderful now..all because of him. I would have never made it without him. I owe him everything. I have never been so happy n complete. Thank God for that wonderful man caring n loving me every day.

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