Health Care for the
Universe of You
Health Care For The Universe Of You
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Lena H.

Charlotte, AR


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Nominated By: Jevia Lyn R.

Why is Lena the Center of Your Universe?

Lena took me by the hand and took me home with her and her family 3yrs ago this past Memorial Day Weekend after my home blew up in a fire l lost everything including my dogchild.
Lena and l were already special friends at church and feeding the needy homeless but today We are Family her husband and 4 children .
My heart is full beyond imagination of any type of special love like this .
Growing deeper every minute.

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Jevia Lyn Robinson Avatar
Jevia Lyn Robinson Avatar
Jevia Lyn Robinson
- September 12, 2019 20:55
Lena Also teaches English to Chinese kids on line

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