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Lauren P.

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Nominated By: Sarah H.

Why is Lauren the Center of Your Universe?

Lauren is my daughter, my now only child as her brother was murdered in a home invasion robbery in 2003. My children and I were very close as we were the 3 musketeers! Raised them after a divorce when they were very young. Lauren, Greg and I were very close and loving. All that ended when Greg was taken from us. At 18 Lauren stepped up to the plate and fought for justice for her brother during an ugly court hearing entailing many days in court. She was harassed by the murders family and we were threatened. With much poise she lifted me up and made me want to live again. Throughout the years she has always been there to love me, a broken me. She grew up, got married and gave me Jaxon Gregory, a baby boy named after her brother. He makes my heart sing as he rekindles the love we all shared as a close little family. Lauren is a strong modern woman who loves her family and is currently enrolled in college as a ultrasound tech. She brings fun and joy to everyone she knows. She is certainly my hero and I thank God for her everyday. Unless you have lost a child one cannot understand the love.

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