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Health Care For The Universe Of You
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Damian L.

Fort Worth, TX


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Nominated By: Cassandra L.

Why is Damian the Center of Your Universe?

My son, Damian Leslie, has been through so many challenges since he was born. He has multiple autoimmune disorders and is slowly going blind. Adding to that, he has watched me battle cancer, RA, fibromyalgia, brittle bone disease, kidney failure, excessive kidney stones, and now Parkinson's. Then he was only 8 years old he watched me get shot through both thighs in a horrifying accident. He has spent his entire childhood praying that his mother doesn't die. Yet he excels in school. He earned a letter jacket as a freshman for playing tenor sax in band. He is always the kid others turn to for help. He spends most of his time trying to make others smile. He is truly amazing, and has been, and always will be, my whole universe.

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