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Health Care For The Universe Of You
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Jamie M.

Virginia Beach , VA


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Nominated By: Shannon M.

Why is Jamie the Center of Your Universe?

I have been sick since 2003. In spite of each diagnosis, one more horrific than the last, in spite of me no longer being able to help provide for our family, my husband not only works twice as hard at his job to cover all of the bills, but has taken on cooking, cleaning, homework help, the pets and even getting me to any number of the dozens of drs I have to see monthly. He never complains or gets angry. He reassures me it will get better and that he will ALWAYS be here for me, for us, because he wouldn’t have it any other way. This week was our 17 year anniversary, which I spent in bed and he took care of everything and even managed to find time to write me a love letter and make my day beautiful. I wouldn’t be here without him.

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