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Sherry H.

Newport News , VA


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Nominated By: Nancy R.

Why is Sherry the Center of Your Universe?

She is the most compassionate, strong, loving woman I know

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Nancy Poss Rochs Avatar
Nancy Poss Rochs Avatar
Nancy Poss Rochs
- October 01, 2019 14:56
Sherry has been a ER nurse at Mary Immaculate Hospital for about 20 years. Her compassion for patients, staff, friends and family is what makes her so wonderful
Tori miller Avatar
Tori miller Avatar
Tori miller
- October 01, 2019 19:52
Shes always been like a second mom and has always treated me as one of her own children.
Christina Avatar
Christina Avatar
- October 01, 2019 19:22
Kind, committed, and knowledgable.

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