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Health Care For The Universe Of You
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Lisa E.

Chesterfield, VA


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Nominated By: Johnny A.

Why is Lisa the Center of Your Universe?

She is an Angel !!! In the past 2 1/2 years she's been through a rare type of breast cancer. She lost her hair and her home .. Yet, she NEVER lost her smile!!! A single parent, she worked everyday to provide for her son's!
Went to work with drainage tubes still in. She continued to give to anyone that needed something. Whether it was money, food, help packing meals at the food Bank, or just to be a shoulder for someone to lean on! She showed me a picture that she took of a large picture window that she was looking out of (during 1 of her chemo's). The picture looked like the imprint of an Angel... I said to her, "No sweetheart, that was your reflection! I have never known anyone to give and give so much of themself and never accept anything in return! She is a store manger at food lion and all of the young people that work there love her. They go to her for advice and anything else they may need. She tells them constantly, that school comes first!!! They even go to the store to see her before heading out to their Prom. If 1 of them gets in trouble, she will scold them. But she also makes it clear that she is there for them!! She had attended their graduations, school plays, and sporting events. (Believe me, she is the proudest AND loudest person in the audience cheering them on!!! (She had also paid out of het own pocket for a couple of "her kids" to be able to play sports! I could go on and on. Let me just say, she is unlike anyone you could ever meet. She is an INCREDIBLE Angel !

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