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Angelo V.

Piedmont, SC


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Nominated By: Delores V.

Why is Angelo the Center of Your Universe?

This man is my life, my encouragement daily. He has been diagnosed with MS for over 30 years, wheelchair bound about 25 of that. I care for him daily as he is unable to do any of his ADLs; however, his positive sweet attitude in the midst of his disease is amazing. He brings joy to everyone he meets. If you ask how he is he will always reply with “fantastic”. What a privilege to be a part of his journey. My husband, my hero.

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Tammy Swafford Avatar
Tammy Swafford Avatar
Tammy Swafford
- October 01, 2019 14:49
Angelo and Vizz have been my friends for 17 years. Angelo never complains... it amazes me that this man, who cannot do one thing by himself... not even hold a glass to drink... or a spoon to feed himself... is ALWAYS smiling. Together they are an amazing couple and we all love Angelo to pieces.

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