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Jennifer K.

Chesterfield, VA


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Nominated By: Heather P.

Why is Jennifer the Center of Your Universe?

She is the person on the right in the image and I am on the left. I joke sometimes and call Jennifer my Emotional Support Person. She is one of my best friends, like a sister, and one of the few people who has believed in me when so many others refused. She is my roommate. She helps with going to the grocery store and she cooks because I struggle with it. I struggle with both mental illness and physical health issues. She finds ways to breathe life in me even beyond the day to day. She poured purpose into me as together we founded a non-profit trauma recovery center. She has been with me through a difficult divorce, significant health issues, struggle with pain and the unknown, my mental health, the ER, surgeries, procedures, and doctors appointments when I am too anxious to go on my own. Her and her family have welcomed me into their family and she comes with me to my family events. She listens to my needs and I hope I can somehow half meet hers. She is my best friend, my sister, my roommate, Emotional Support Person, an advocate, and Co-Founder of Robin's Hope Trauma Recovery Center. I did not think I would ever amount to anything only a few years ago. I hope this expresses how special she is to me and how grateful I am to have her in my life. I do not have family around me tgat can support me. She is my family and she is the world to me.

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