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Health Care For The Universe Of You
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Brett H.

Yorktown, VA


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Nominated By: Beth H.

Why is Brett the Center of Your Universe?

Brett is my husband of almost 13 years. He is a man who serves others endlessly. I have had health issues that are causing immobility and he has taken on so many tasks from big to small in order to ensure that our children are fed, have clean clothes, get to their extra curricular events, keeps the house clean and many other things. He coaches my sons football team. He is a teacher. He serves on leadership at his school. He teaches an extra class so all of his music students have the opportunity to take band. He leads the district band directors association. He is an appointed member of the school board where our children attend. He takes on so much to serve other people and does it all with joy in his heart and patience. I have never met a more selfless person in all of my life and I am beyond blessed to call him my partner.

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