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Joseph P.

Chesterfield, VA


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Nominated By: Brenda P.

Why is Joseph the Center of Your Universe?

Joe is my husband and he has done so much for me in my pre cancer life, my battle, and adjusting to life as a couple after cancer. My husband was there with me every step of the way which included 15 months of chemo, double mastectomy,33 rounds of radiation, and several hospitalizations for infections. He did all of this for me while he himself was diagnosed with COPD six weeks after I was told of my stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. He put his own needs on hold to help me. He tells me every day how he loves me as I continue to struggle with having no breasts and constant pain. Joe became a volunteer driver for Road to Recovery and drives at least two days a week at his own cost and time. One of his patient that he has befriended is alone and blind with cancer that cannot be cured. Joe provides him with friendship in addition to his rides to treatment and recent hospitalizations. Several times over the past three years he has been a driver, he will come home and say Miss so and so wants you to know that “I am a real gentleman.” My husband is remarkable. He grew up with many challenges in Boston. His mom at h sent away at the age of 11. He tells me all the time that meeting me taught him how to love and what love is. My husband is what a hero and love are to me , our son, and all of his past patients in drives to treatment and those he has yet to meet. I hope you select him. This would mean so much for the “tough” guy from Boston.

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