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Antonio T.

Petersburg , VA


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Nominated By: Donna I.

Why is Antonio the Center of Your Universe?

Antonio is the strongest person I know. He is top of the field of mortuary science & morticians, funeral director, embalmer, pastor, dad, friend and can I just say person. I have watched him over the past 8 years give his all to those that appreciate his gift and those that took his gifts as if it was their entitlement. He provides community service and never wants recognition for it. He goes beyond the duty and service of his job as a funeral service provider. When the service is over, he provides follow up calls or notes to the families. He provides throughout the year for year for the senior citizens and children in the community. Even in the midst of the time of his loss, he still poured out and didn’t miss a beat. So how do you give back to someone who pours out so much into others and never holds their hand out for recompense for themselves? Please consider my friend, he deserves this. I’ve learned through him that in all things we give thanks and no matter the situation when someone asks you how you doing, “ you good”. Because guess what, you are doing good compared to someone else.

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Donna Farrior Avatar
Donna Farrior Avatar
Donna Farrior
- October 10, 2019 18:28
He is a great guy.

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