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Health Care For The Universe Of You
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Donna I.

Richmond, VA


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Nominated By: Donna I.

Why is Donna the Center of Your Universe?

I’m nominating myself because I can tell my story the best! I can speak of the success of dealing with being homeless, depressed, jobless, divorced and multiple health issues. But I can say I’m still here! I can say it ain’t been a easy road and many nights of tears and missed sleep. I can say there was time that people didn’t understand my story and instead of asking me what was wrong talked about me and set my depression into a tailspin. But it took some professional and great people to offer encouragement to help direct me towards a better path. Through a possible heart attack and bots of pneumonia I’m still here, pushing for greater and not allowing life to hold me down. I’ve lost friends and family and learned to push past the pain. I’ve learned that my center of my universe is Christ and he ain’t failed me yet. Thru all I been thru he’s thru it with me and that’s how I’m receiving my strength to go on.

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