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Tiffany W.

Newport News, VA


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Nominated By: Melissa H.

Why is Tiffany the Center of Your Universe?

Tiffany is my daughter and a 911 dispatcher. She is an amazing daughter/mom/girlfriend and my best friend! She gives 110% to everything she does. A few weeks ago we had an officer-involved shooting in Newport News it was the first time in many years that we've had an officer gets shot and Tiffany was working the police radio when that happened. she stayed calm her training kicked in and she handled that call perfectly she made sure that medics were dispatched and she did an amazing job of staying calm and doing what needed to be done. In addition to her amazing ability to do her job at the most difficult time possible she is also able to get off work at midnight go home and still get up at 7 in the morning to get her daughter ready for kindergarten take care of her house take care of herself and do it all without ever complaining. she is currently putting every penny she gets aside to buy a house so she never has any money to spend on herself and she deserves a day just for her.

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